Worksheet 4 The Virtues

Worksheet 4 The Virtues

Organize the material of Wadell Chapter 4 with this worksheet. Type your answers in 12-point Times New Roman Font and post onto the appropriate place in Moodle.


The Cardinal, Theological, and Infused Virtues

“We need skills and qualities of character that will keep us focused on what is best for us. We need ‘habits of being’ that strengthen us in our pursuit of excellence lest we fall short of the happiness that is meant to be ours” (Wadell, 86).


The Natural Law

Ø  The natural law represents the fundamental orientation towards fulfilment in human beings. By carefully attending to the fundamental inclinations of our nature, human beings can flourish. Name and briefly explain the 5 precepts of the natural law.



The Eternal Law

Ø  What is the eternal law, and how is it differentiated from the natural law? How do these “laws” impact the virtuous life?



The Virtues

Ø  Explain this sentence: “Through the virtues, the human person moves from simply being oriented or disposed to the good (as represented by the natural law) to embodying and flourishing in the good.”



The Acquired Virtues

Ø  These are the qualities, attitudes, intentions, feelings, and habits that we need to develop in order to have a rich and authentically good human life. How is developing a virtue like developing a talent?



The Four Cardinal Virtues

Ø  There are many moral virtues, all of which are categorized under 4 main headings. What distinguishes these virtues is that they can be acquired through our own efforts. Please list the four “cardinal” virtues here. Then explain how these virtues relate to the human telos, as distinguished from eudaimonia, ergon, and metanarrative.



The Theological Virtues

Ø  What are the three theological virtues, and how do they differ from the moral virtues?



The Infused Moral Virtues

Ø  The infused moral virtues represent a theological point. What are these virtues, and what is the theological distinction they represent?



Magnanimity, Courage, and Compassion

Ø  Wadell proposes these as the virtues most needed in our time. What do these virtues represent, and is there a virtue you might add?