What steps can be taken to prevent or slow down the evolution of antibiotic or pesticide resistance

SCIE206-1101A-20 Biology Assignment Name: Unit 4 DiscussionBoard Deliverable Length: 3-4 paragraphs Details:
For many years, antibiotics have been effectively used to treatbacterial disease; and pesticides have been used to protect ouragricultural crops from many kinds of pests, including insects,worms (nematodes), fungi, or agricultural weeds, for example. Agrowing concern for treating bacterial diseases or pest outbreaksis the evolution of antibiotic or pesticide resistance by bacterialor pest populations. Resistance means that a particular antibioticis no longer effective in treating a disease, or that a particularpesticide will no longer prevent crop damage. This resistance canbe viewed as evolution of a new trait at the population level,which is resistance to an antibiotic or to a pesticide. In thisassignment, you will explore specific examples of antibiotic orpesticide resistance.
Assignment details: After reading materials about evolution andabout antibiotic and pesticide resistance in the text, the CourseMaterials, the AIU Online Library and / or the Internet, answer thefollowing.
1.Select and describe one example of antibiotic resistance orpesticide resistance. Be specific in your choice. ◦Describe thebackground for your choice of resistance. Include details about thedisease or pest and the established control strategies. How have weused antibiotics (to treat a particular disease), or pesticides (toprotect from a pest); and how has this changed?
2.Explain how the resistant trait evolved based on principles ofnatural selection and evolution of a trait at the populationlevel.
3.For your specific example, what are the consequences ofresistance in terms of human health or crop loss / damage?
4.What steps can be taken to prevent or slow down the evolutionof antibiotic or pesticide resistance? Do you think we will succeedin doing so? Why or why not?
Provide references in APA format. This includes a reference listand in-text citations for references used throughout theassignment. In your own words, please post a response to theDiscussion Board and comment on two other postings. You will begraded on the quality of your postings. For assistance with yourassignment, please use your text, Web resources, and all coursematerials.
Please refer to the following.
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