Weeks 7&8 Reflections

Weeks 7&8 Reflections

Weeks 7&8 Reflections


write a reflection (about 1000 words) on what you learned and acquired during the two weeks. Content of the reflection must be critical, not just a summary, of the readings listed for the bi-weekly period. In particular you should be able to write about how the assigned readings fit in the larger literature, what important questions address, how it moves the field forward, add what new knowledge it creates.


The reflection should cover the following readings:


Week 7: Issues with performance appraisal and the performance appraisal process


•        Lin, Y. C., & Kellough, J. E. (2019). Performance appraisal problems in the public sector: Examining supervisors’ perceptions. Public Personnel Management, 48(2), 179-202.

•        Kim, T., & Holzer, M. (2016). Public employees and performance appraisal: A study of antecedents to employees’ perception of the process. Review of Public Personnel Administration, 36(1), 31-56.

•        Rubin, E. V., & Edwards, A. (2020). The performance of performance appraisal systems: understanding the linkage between appraisal structure and appraisal discrimination complaints. The International Journal of Human Resource Management, 31(15), 1938-1957.



Week 8: The issue of fairness in performance appraisal


•        Ryu, G., & Hong, S. W. (2020). The mediating effect of trust in supervisors in the relationship between constructive performance feedback and perceived fairness of performance appraisal. Public Performance & Management Review, 43(4), 871-888.

•        Setiawati, T., & Ariani, I. D. (2020). Influence of performance appraisal fairness and job satisfaction through commitment on job performance. Review of Integrative Business and Economics Research, 9(3), 133-151.

•        Phuong, T. H. (2018). Perceived justice in performance appraisal among Vietnamese employees: antecedents and consequences. International journal of business excellence, 15(2), 209-221.