Volunteer Experience and Report

Volunteer Experience and Report

Volunteer Experience Instructions – ASSIGNMENT – 100 points

I would like each of you to volunteer for a three hour shift at a local nonprofit. I am listing a few different nonprofits in Indianapolis and you are welcome to call and arrange a time to volunteer at one of these locations or events. If you cannot work out a volunteer time at one of these locations, you will need to contact me and we can arrange a different location.

Once you have scheduled your time to volunteer, I want you to send me your location and time.  DO NOT WAIT FOR THE LAST MINUTE TO SCHEDULE THIS EXPERIENCE.  You have from today until the end of this summer session to complete your experience and submit your recap paper to me.

Your assignment is to work a 3 hour shift and write a one-page essay describing your experience.  You will submit through the assignment tab in Canvas . Please contact me if you have any questions. As a volunteer you may be asked to do a number of different things, keep an open mind when asked to do something for one of these nonprofits. Thank you.

Suggested locations to schedule a volunteer time:

1.      Teacher’s Treasures’ – A free store offering free school supplies to Teachers.

Contact Volunteer Coordinator – 264-1760 – 1800 East 10th Street —  Open Monday – Friday


2.      Gleaner’s Food Bank of Indiana – 3737 Waldemere Avenue

925-0191 xtn: 120

Contact: Christina Basey   ( no Saturdays Available )


3.      Some other suggestions: Animal Shelters, Humane Society, Food Kitchens, The Damien Center, Little Red Door, Boys & Girls Clubs, Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, local church events.



You Choose…but please make it a location that is new to you…….. I want you to be introduced to a NEW nonprofit in the community. 


Volunteer Experience! 100 points!

Due May 7 at noon

Please answer the following questions in a one-page double spaced essay:

Name of Volunteer Organization? Volunteer Contact at the nonprofit and phone number?  Your volunteer shift time and date?

What did you learn about the organization you worked as a volunteer?

What is the mission statement of the organization?

What was your volunteer role or activity/work you participated in?

Did you feel this exercise helped you understand the volunteer needs of a nonprofit? And how?

Why are volunteers important to the nonprofit where you volunteered?

Do you have any suggestions or comments for improvements to this organization?

Please add any other comments about your experience that you want to share.

Please submit your paper through the assignment section in Canvas



Volunteer Experience Paper: Due to the current restrictions during this challenging time, this experience which traditionally has been a three hour volunteer work experience in a nonprofit of your choice, will be in the form of a two-page paper and your research on the volunteer program of a nonprofit of your choice.