The Importance of Testing Article Response

The Importance of Testing Article Response

Attached is the short article to which you will have 1 and 1/2 hours to respond.  

Your response consists of three parts:

Part I: Brief Summary   Describe the thesis or main point of the article and analyze the points or issues identified in the article. This should be the shortest part of your response, so allocate your time accordingly.

Part II: Critique Evaluate the article and point out strengths and shortcomings in the author’s logical argument.

Part III: State Your Perspective on the Topic Apply the content of the article to your professional experiences and explain your point of view on the issues.

It is not necessary to include a cover page, footnotes, headers, references, graphics, etc. You do not need to retype the questions; just label the sections as Part I, II and III. Avoid direct quotations and numbered or bulleted lists. Take the time to organize or outline your thoughts before beginning to write. Make the most of all 90 minutes; run spell check and proofread before you send in your work for review by faculty members. Remember, do not merely summarize the article.