THE 121 –Intro to Theatre Design Final Design Project

THE 121 –Intro to Theatre Design Final Design Project



                  THE 121 –Intro to Theatre Design   Final Design Project (100pts) 


                                                     Design the Play!

I & YOU  by Lauren Gunderson

                        (Full Script is in Plays Readings Folder on ACE & Google Drive.)


Production Concept (25 pts total) typed outline:

Must include:

1.     Concept or Design Vision (35pt): Answer the following questions

                             What is your design approach to the visual world of the play and how does it relate to the directorial concept?

                                                    What does this world look & feel like for your audience?

                                                        What is the mood or tone you are trying to present?

                                                       How could you make this play a unique experience for your target audience?

2.     Target Audience(5pt): who are you selling this event to & why

3.     Marketing & Publicity (10pt) – How would you sell tickets & market this production?

4.     Type of Theatre Space- Thrust Space( Studio Theatre)


Design Elements (55 pts total):

Set  & Props(20pts)

1.      Elevation Collage

2.      Min. of 15-20 items of research. Research should include:

Locale, Architecture, Interiors, Furniture, Specific Props &* Photos from other productions  (*=inspiration only).                             

Costumes (15pts)

1.      Finished research collage( CAROLINE & ANTHONY)

2.      Min. of 10-15 items of research per character

(Clothing, Jewelry, Hats, Shoes, Makeup & Hair)


Lights & Sound (20pts)

1. Research-Min. of 10 items of research (Locale, Time of Day, Special effects, types of instruments, etc.) 2. Sound Cue selections

3. Gel & Gobo Selections ( also include any special effects necessary)


Peer Evaluation (10pt total):      


Neatness & Creativity (10pt)