SOCL 413W Session 6 Assignment

SOCL 413W Session 6 Assignment

Session Six Assignment


Version of 10-24-20



The word count for this assignment is 500 words; that is 500 words for the entire assignment and not for each question below.



1. In Schwalbe’s Chapter 6, which major sociological theory is used to help explain how the rules of the game are enforced? How are the rules enforced in daily life according to the following schemes:


     a. nets of accountability


     b. payoffs for nonelites


     c. quashing dissent



2. Based on the assigned readings (or other sources available to you), how many strata can you identify in Colombian society? How do Colombian rates of poverty and unemployment, and rates of expenditures for education and health care compare with the corresponding rates in the USA?







Answer the questions above and send your responses to me on Moodle.