SOCL 413W Session 3 Assignment

SOCL 413W Session 3 Assignment

Session Three Assignment


Version of 2-8-20



After reading Chapter 3 of the text, please answer the following questions and send them to me at the designated place on Moodle. The word count for this assignment is 800 words; this is for the entire assignment and not for each question.



1. How are the following themes developed in the fable, The Valley of the Nine Families?


     a. cumulative advantage


     b. dishonesty/secrecy


     c. policing (security)



2. How does the story told (by the people in the valley) about the young man’s confrontation with the raider king change over time? Why does this happen? What consequences does it have?



3. By the end of the story, members of the Haah and Ji clans are doing badly. Their plight is blamed on laziness and lack of intelligence. Why might this view of things seem to make sense to children of the Heng clan?