SiCKO Film Reflection Paper

SiCKO Film Reflection Paper


Reflection Paper Instructions:

The film, Sicko is still relevant today. The film was released in 2007, long before Obamacare (ACA) or Trump Care. The common issues debated then and now are cost, access and quality of care, insurance company’s’ influence on politicians (Power and Politics), the role of government, affordable insurance premiums, and pre-existing conditions.

Provide your opinions, be sure to use specific examples from the film when proving your point. Students are also free to back their opinions from prior readings, or the course materials. Opinions are great but they only carry weight if they have facts or relevant examples to back them up.


Write a reflection paper expressing your opinions on the following questions in an analytical way:

1.                   Recall a recent health care experience of your own. What made it positive or negative?


2.                   What kind of emotions did this film provoke in you? 


3.                   How did the film define a Medical Director?

4.                   What was an insurance claim referred to as?

5.                   How did stories from the movie influence the way you think about America’s health care delivery system?


6.                   Thinking of the experiences portrayed in the film, what are the major problems in the United States’ health care system? Why hasn’t it been “fixed”?


7.                   Why does Tarsha Harris distrust insurance companies?


8.                   Sicko focuses on people with health insurance, but the insurance doesn’t serve them well when they need it most. How did the insurance companies view pre-existing conditions?


9.                   Do you think our government should be responsible for a National Health Insurance System in this country? That is, pay for all medically necessary services. Are you willing to pay higher taxes to have government-sponsored health care? Why or why not?


10.               The original 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund was created in 2001. What action has President Trump taken to ensure the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund for survivors?



·       You are required to answer all questions (1 thru 10), and all aspects of each question.

·       Provide relevant supporting details.

·       Write Four to Five pages minimum in an essay format. (no in-text citations or reference page required)

·       No bullet points or numbered responses (paragraph format only)

·       Be sure to use specific examples from the film and any relatable information (for example, current positions and importance of pre-existing conditions with the Affordable Care Act)

·       Use 12- point font, Times New Roman, 1 inch margins, and the work is to be double-spaced.