Short Paper Instructions

Short Paper Instructions

Theory: Taylor’s Scientific Management. in chapter 2. P.50

Due date: Wednesday, March 24.


(1) Key concepts and principles of the theory.

(2) A critical analysis of the selected theory. (the critique should in comparison with other theories)

(3) Proposed approaches for its applications.

(4) (2000 word) excluding references




The task is to identify the core principles of the theory, expressing these principles in your own words, capturing the key ideas in a short summary and providing a brief yet sharp critique in comparison with other theories (several key strengths and weaknesses). This summary of the theory is to be applied to a specific organization e.g. different levels of governments (e.g. IRS, local governments); non-profits, universities, NGOs, etc. You are free to call on web sites or other public sources for the information particular to that organization.


The result of this independent inquiry is to sensitize you to the relation between theory and application deepening the actual organization focus. There are no right/wrong answers – the requirement is for synthesis, for critical analysis, and for relevant application.