Session Eight Assignment

Session Eight Assignment

Social Stratification

Session Eight Assignment

Version of 3-19-20




The minimum word count for this assignment is 800 words.



1. Identify one of the ways that Schwalbe contends is a means to escape the inequality trap. Why is it likely (or not likely) to succeed?



2. So, Schwalbe says the game of life is rigged. How do you live your life in a rigged game?



3. Compare and contrast the social stratification systems of the USA with Colombia and Costa Rica. As you conduct this analysis, be sure to discuss one or more of the following standard indicators of social stratification in a nation:


a) income

b) wealth

c) education

d) occupation

e) access to health care

f) freedom (ability to pursue life, liberty, happiness)


It is OK to use any previously gathered information in Assignments 6 and 7 to answer this question. Feel free to add to, recombine or revise this information as needed to answer this question for this final assignment.



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