Session 6 Graded Assignment

Session 6 Graded Assignment

Assignment Questions-Session #6

The length is typically 3 paragraphs per question.

1.     Define IMC and discuss its importance to a company.


2.     Pick a well-known restaurant, such as Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, Outback Steakhouse or Olive Garden (or any restaurant of your choice).  Discuss how the restaurant integrates all of its marketing messages.  What common theme is used?  What types of IMC elements are used?  Use the firm’s website for additional insight.


3.     Differentiate product and institutional advertising.  Some think that institutional advertising is attempting to cover-up deficiencies in the company.  What is your opinion on this statement?


4.     Identify the six types of advertising appeals including a brief description and an example of each.


5.     Identify and briefly explain five media vehicles.


6.     Why have consumer sales promotions increased in popularity over the last few years?


7.     Identify the ten types of consumer sales promotions and briefly explain each.  Which do you use regularly?


8.     List and briefly explain the trade promotions used by firms today.