SDL100 Assignment 2

SDL100 Assignment 2






Fall 2020



Assignment 2 (10%)


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Question 1 (100 points):


There are seven interpersonal skills: 1- Verbal communication. 2-Non-verbal communication, 3- Listening skills, 4- Negotiation, 5-Problem-solving,

6- Decision-making, and 7- Assertiveness


Read the below case study and write a list of the interpersonal relationship skills which have been used and explain each of them by using your own words. Each explanation should not be less than 100 words.


Ahmad was exhausted from work when his wife, Sarah, came home. So he was quite annoyed when she began bothering him with a list of complaints about her day. He was about to respond with frustration and tell her to leave him alone when he remembered reading something about active listening. It had said that simply naming how someone is feeling, repeating it back to them and showing that you’ve heard them can go a long way in helping ease tensions and creating a sense of understanding.


So Ahmad took a deep breath and focused in on naming what emotion Sarah seemed to be expressing. He finally zeroed in on “overwhelmed” and replied “It sounds like your day was pretty overwhelming.”


Then he remembered that another step he had read about was to validate and empathize with the person’s feelings by expressing understanding of why the person might feel that way and sharing a similar story from one’s own life.


So Ahmad took another deep breath and said “I can understand you feeling overwhelmed. It sounds like you had a lot on your plate. In fact, I completely understand because I’m feeling the same. I had a long day at work with a lot of challenges.”


Suddenly, Ahmad realized the irony. He had been about to react with frustration to Sarah precisely because he himself felt just like she did. Instead, they both ended up feeling heard and cared about and they settled in for a nice relaxing dinner together without the tension or fighting that might otherwise have ensued.


Bonus Question (5 points):

Which of the interpersonal skills do you think can be useful in your real life? Explain.




Grading Rubric


Excellent, high quality, very detailed, exceeds expectations.

This account is organized and detailed. It presents all the main points the essay will explore. The information is logically and clearly arranged.

Error free or few errors.


Good, decent quality, some useful detail, meets and might occasionally exceed


This account is for the most part organized and detailed. The main points appear but

lack some of the detail and/or clarity of a 90-100 outline. Some information may

distract or confuse the reader.

Several errors.


Essentially meets minimal expectations.

This account is somewhat organized and only fairly detailed. Some of the points may

be clear, underdeveloped, or even absent entirely. Some information may be missing.

69 and lower

Inadequate, fails to meet the requirements of the assignment.

This account is incomplete and poorly organized. It is unclear and has no recognizable structure.