Research Paper Project Sources

Research Paper Project Sources

Research Paper Project

1)     Peer-review references and sources.

Find four Scholarly, Peer-reviewed articles this includes sources from .gov or .org websites as a scholarly source because they are refereed. These sources should relate to one of the countries in the Sick Around the World video. (UK, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, and Taiwan). Explain the source and one piece of information from that source that you can use in a research paper. (Look at the questions you are to answer for your paper under #3)

Peer-reviewed reference:


2)     Reference Page

Complete a Reference Page in APA style using the sources that you have found.

Here is an example of an In-text citation of a website:

 The first citing would be as an example (Center for Disease Control [CDC], n.d.)  All subsequent citing would then be (CDC, n.d.) 

Reference page:

 Center for Disease Control. (n.d.). Africa. Retrieved from….

3)     Research paper

Minimum of four and maximum of 6 pages. This does not include a title page and your Reference page.

Answer each of these questions. Compare and Contrast using these three questions

What are the benefits/limitations of their health care system vs. the United States system? (Introductory Paragraph)

  • What issues are faced by each system related to:
  • Is the overall health of this country’s population better or worse compared to the United States? Benchmarks can be used, such as:  infant mortality rates, mortality rates for cardiovascular disease, life expectancy for males and females, percentage of people with normal body mass, etc.
  • What percentage of GDP (gross domestic product) does each country spend on health care expenditures? Does a larger percentage automatically mean better health care?  Explain why or why not.

The four pages does not include a Title Page and reference page. Title or highlight each section and answer the question with your resources and your thoughts. I will be looking for in-text citations to support your thoughts.