Research Article Summaries-Herb/Botanical Supplement

Research Article Summaries-Herb/Botanical Supplement

Research Article Summaries-Herb/Botanical Supplement (50 Points)


You are strongly recommended to start this assignment early because you may request articles from another library when the articles are not available at CMU.


1.Topic Selection


1)     Select any herb/botanical supplement related topic that is focused on the same Outcome Measures.

2)     Utilize library and on-line databases (Pubmed, Google Scholar, etc.) to determine whether three human research studies have been conducted and published in peer-reviewed journals since 2012 on the topic of interest. Any review papers including Meta-analysis are not accepted. Three human research studies you chose should use the same area.

3)     You can have either observational studies or intervention studies although intervention studies are preferred. Three human research studies do not have to use the same study design, but all the studies have the same herb/botanical supplement of your choice.


2. After the topic is selected and 3 articles are chosen, fill in the AND Evidence Analysis Worksheet attached.  Use a AND Evidence Analysis Worksheet per article.


3. Compare/criticize 3 studies, such as the study design, results, most important limitations and/or variables not measured, and list at least 3 things on a separate paper.

(For example, describing “A study used a cross-over study design while B study was a randomized double-blinded study” is not enough. After this description, you should explain which study design is better and why. OR explain why a cross-over study design was suited for A study and a randomized double-blinded study was used in B study. You always have to justify your answer.)


4.  Application: Provide practice recommendations based on the study results and your interpretation of the research presented. Your recommendation should provide daily dose, form, and duration of information


5. Materials to Submit   (all in diff files)

A)  3 FULL PAPERS, not abstracts, from three research articles. On the paper, please highlight all the items you included on AND Evidence Analysis Worksheet.

B) 3 AND Evidence Analysis Worksheet per article

            C) #3 & 4 Q


When you submit this assignment, submit 4 documents: 1) #1 full paper; 2) #2 full paper; 3) #3 full paper; 4) B & C above (AND evidence analysis worksheet per article and #3 and 4. When you do not follow this instruction, 5 points will be deducted.







AND Evidence Analysis Worksheet

Article Citation (APA style)


Purpose/Population Studied/Practice Studied


Inclusion Criteria

Exclusion Criteria  

Study design in one word ( e.g. cross-over study)



Outcomes measured

Results & Significance

Results (do not list everything in tables)


Author’s Conclusions (DO NOT PLAGIARIZE)