Hello, find in the attached file the article my second article review assignment and this is third. please, follow the format or else i will disput my case.
Article Review Format:
Your Name                               Topic:  (of project, not each individual article)
Article Review #
Bibliography entry:  Use guide from p. 6 of this syllabus or references in your text as examples
Author(s) affiliation(s)
Statement of the purpose of the study.
Summary:  2 – 3 paragraphs.  Describe the research study.  Summarize subjects, methods, results, and the author’s conclusions.  Include the author’s conclusions, positions, recommendations, etc. in this section.
Critique:  1 well-developed paragraph. React and/or critique the article, giving your own opinions, support, and/or criticisms of the article or study.  Tell what you found interesting, informative, how/why you would/would not use the information, who you think would benefit from the article, and any questions or recommendations you have for further investigation.The post Pyschology first appeared on Nursing School Essays.