PUB 371 Chapter 6 Communication

PUB 371 Chapter 6 Communication

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PUB 371 Chapter 6 Communication


1. The consensus among contemporary scholars is that today’s leaders need to engage in robust, targeted ____ communication.

a.         top-down          c.         bottom-up        

b.         two-way           d.         centralized           


2. ____ give(s) people a level of trust and confidence in each other, facilitating communication and making it easier to cooperate.

a.         Contracts          c.         Dependence     

b.         Relationships    d.         Stability


3. After simplicity, the second most important quality of one’s message is ____.

a.         complexity        c.         vividness         

b.         brevity               d.         uniqueness


4. The ____ principle is the need for people to behave in ways that are consistent with previously declared values and norms.

a.         sequencing       c.         familiarity        

b.         normative         d.         consistency


5. Real-time team meetings are venues where ____ communication takes place.

a.         enhanced          c.         structured        

b.         all-channel        d.         circle



6. The ____________________ is the problem of imagining another person’s state of mind when you have a piece of knowledge that they lack.



7. ____________________ ensures that people take you and your ideas seriously.



8. ____________________ have an interest in a corporation’s investments, projects, environmental policies, and other commitments because they all have consequences that extend far beyond the narrow circle of profit-and-loss statements.



9. ____________________ are used to generate hypotheses about the way members and customers think.



10. ____________________ provide a structured setting where participants collectively explore issues in depth.



11. ____________________ communication is simple hierarchical communication.



12. ____________________ is suitable when you have to communicate with several people who have no need to communicate directly with each other.



13____________________ is a matrix which allows you to systematically map the stakeholders Power/Interest.



14. ____________________ connections among a group of people and the broader environment in which they live and work.


15. There is evidence that patients misunderstand up to _______ of the information conveyed by their physicians.


Barriers to Communication

Even when you know exactly what you want to say, the distortion within your listener often blocks your message. As an organizational leader, to increase the likelihood that important stakeholders will pay attention to you and your idea, you need to assess each situation, decide which                                           are relevant, and employ strategies to turn them into assets.                                                            is the problem of imagining another person’s state of mind when you have a piece of knowledge they lack?

There are five barriers to communication:                                               ,                                                                          

                                                    ,                                                     and                                                       .


Discuss each Barrier to Communication, and how do you remove them? Give support details and relevant examples.