PSY 333 Motivation Project Deliverable II – 10% Group

PSY 333 Motivation Project Deliverable II – 10% Group


PSY 333




Project Deliverable II – 10%


Spring 2020-2021









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As part of CPD2, students will have to prepare a full report about emotions and facial expressions and their differences based on culture and gender, and the outline ideas prepared in CPD1. The report has to contain general information about the topic using different resources (including references from the course material) cited in APA style. The report will constitute of three main sections: Introduction, Body (3 main arguments) and Conclusion; in addition to a cover page and references (minimum 3 – 4 references) section at the end.


Your report needs to answer the below questions:

·       What is an emotion?

·       What is a facial expression?

·       What is expression of emotion?

·       What are the four basic emotions? Are there other emotions?

·       How many facial expressions are there?

·       Which facial expressions are universal?

·       Are there any differences, among males and females, for understanding and expressing emotions? What do studies show about this?

·       Are there any cultural differences for expressing emotions? What are some of the studies about this?


Follow the below instructions carefully:

·       Prepare a 400-500-words-long report to be submitted. 

·       Prepare a clear introduction.

·       The body should clearly break information through different paragraphs by point structure.

·       Make it an interesting report.

·       Support your arguments with facts, and document your sources in APA Style with the use of the references.

·       Your concluding paragraph should contain a summary of the main arguments and results, and your final position.

·       The sources should be mentioned and credited at the end of the report in the references part.





¨     Include References: APA Style

¨     Report Layout

Ø  Do not forget to use the COVER PAGE

Ø  Font Size and Type: 12-pt. Times New Roman Font

Ø  Line Spacing: Double-space throughout the paper

Ø  The text should be justified

Ø  Margins: One inch on all sides (top, bottom, left, right)

Ø  Your report CANNOT be less than 400 words (introduction-body-conclusion)
























Grading Rubric


Task Description:  Students have to make a report about emotions and facial expressions.








Yes, but



No, but






¨ Directly relevant

¨ Somewhat relevant

¨ Remotely related

¨ Totally unrelated



¨ Good organization; points are logically ordered; sharp sense of beginning and end

¨ Organized; points are somewhat jumpy; sense of beginning and ending

¨ Some organization; points jump around; beginning and ending are unclear

¨ Poorly organized; no logical progression; beginning and ending are vague

Quality of Information


¨ Supporting details specific to subject

¨ Some details are non-supporting to the subject

¨ Details are somewhat sketchy. Do not support topic

¨ Unable to find specific details

Grammar, Usage, Mechanics, Spelling


¨ No errors

¨ Only one or two errors

¨ More than two errors

¨ Numerous errors distract from understanding



¨ Vocabulary is varied; supporting details vivid

¨ Vocabulary is varied; supporting details useful


¨ Vocabulary is unimaginative; details lack “color”

¨ Basic vocabulary; needs descriptive words





¨ Typed; clean; neatly bound in a report cover; illustrations provided

¨ Legible writing, well-formed characters; clean and neatly bound in a report cover

¨ Legible writing, some ill-formed letters, print too small or too large; papers stapled together

¨ Illegible writing; loose pages