Persuasive Speech

Persuasive Speech



Name: __________________________ Topic: __________________________ Speech Time Length: ________ Class: ___________________________ Date: ______________________


Speech Grade: ______/80



1 2 3 4              Began speech with an original, enthusiastic, and effectively executed attention getter; The speaker did not begin speech by discussing thesis statement; The speaker did not read* attention getter

1 2 3 4              Demonstrated effective audience analysis by discussing how the audience relates to speaker’s topic [e.g., speaker presented a clear in-class audience analysis survey, with specific date(s) and statistic(s)]

1 2 3 4              Offered clear and specific reasons audience will benefit from listening to speech

1 2 3 4              Established speaker’s credibility on speech topic; Discussed speaker’s research conducted on speech topic

1 2 3 4             Previewed a concise and clearly stated thesis statement (main idea) and fully previewed main points of speech


1 2 3 4              Speech reflected assigned purpose (persuasive) and speaker indicated to audience desired response to speech

1 2 3 4              Speaker developed and presented logical and valid arguments

1 2 3 4              Speech was organized and free of jargon; Speaker made effective use of time management

1 2 3 4              Speaker orally cited an appropriate number of credible sources if direct quoting

1 2 3 4              Three main points

1 2 3 4              Used smooth and complete transitions from one point to the next, including both preview and review for each transition (4) [Intro to A] [A to B] [B to C] [C to conc.]

1 2 3 4              Made effective, credible, and appropriate use of presentation aids (note card)


1 2 3 4              Reviewed a concise and clearly stated thesis statement (main idea) and fully reviewed main points of speech

1 2 3 4              Provided the audience with a clear solution giving the audience specific direction for future involvement

1 2 3 4              Left a lasting impression/effective clincher at the end of the speech/Motivated the audience (e.g., did not read clincher)


1 2 3 4              Delivery was extemporaneous and conversational; Speech was not memorized or read

1 2 3 4              Made effective and consistent use of eye contact with entire audience; Did not “talk to” notes

1 2 3 4              Used appropriate and effective use of body (facial expressions, posture) and use of speaking space (movement)

1 2 3 4              Used appropriate vocal qualities (volume, rate, pitch, articulation, pauses) to convey emphasis and enthusiasm

1 2 3 4             Used purposeful gestures to convey emphasis and enthusiasm, use of note cards kept to a minimum; Kept hands free from podium, note cards, in pockets, etc.; Speaker did not speak from full paper outline

Persuasive Speech

Persuasive Speech

Persuasive Speech

These are the instructions for the persuasive speech. Read them carefully and follow them closely. The closer you follow them the better grade you will receive. Also, go back and reread comments you have gotten on previous speech from this class. If you have any questions email me, I will respond quickest to email. Due on Sunday Nov. 29 by 11:59 pm. If you are still having storm related problems the deadline could be extended.

First read the essay “Should The Drinking Age Be Lowered” which is attached as a pdf.

Notice how the author uses quotes, facts and statistics to back up his argument.  You must do that as well.

Notice that the author does not use first person as in: “I think… I feel…I believe…” Stay away from using “I” in your speech, it leads to opinion and you must back up your argument with your research.

Note that this is in essay form, not in the form of a speech. Your persuasive speech must be in the form of a speech, i.e.


Attention getter


            3 main points one word each


            1st point

            2nd point

            3rd point


            3 main points briefly recapped

            Subject restated

            Attention getter for clincher

The persuasive speech is basically an argument attempting to do two things:

 1. Get those in the audience who don’t agree with your side of the argument to change their minds and agree with you.   

 2. Have those in the audience who already agree with your side reinforce that they have made the right choice.

Pick a topic from the list provided below

Decide to argue for it, or against it.

Pick an aspect to argue: pick one of these 8

(1)Financial benefits or (2)financial problems

(3)Mental benefits or (4)mental problems

(5)Physical benefit or (6)physical problems

(7)Religious benefit or (8)religious problems

If my topic were Cloning, I might pick physical benefits of cloning. Then my speech would be “The Physical Benefits of Why We Should Allow Cloning and 3 Reasons Why” and each reason would be a section of the body of the speech.

3 minutes minimum-5 minutes maximum–don’t go past 5 minutes I will stop watching at 5 minutes.

You need one fact, or quote, or statistic to back up each section in the body of your speech, so you will have 3 research sources total for the entire speech.

Need 3 separate sources for research, don’t use same website for you sources, use 3 different sites. If you use the Bible, you can only use it once. State in the speech where the information was found. “According to…(then mention web site, then give information).

Cite your sources on a work cited page to be turned in with the written form of the speech.

Again the written form needs to be five paragraphs just like the last speech.

You may use note cards for the video presentation.

Here are topics to choose from:

Abortion—pro choice or pro life

Animal rights—should animals be used to test cosmetics or diseases on or not

Capital punishment—should convicted murders be put to death or live out their lives in jail

Guns—should we have more guns or less guns

GMO’s—Genetically Modified Organisms, should they be allowed in foods or not

Corporal punishment—should parents or teachers spank children

Assisted suicide—should people be able to end their lives or not

Religion in schools—should we have it or not

Cohabitation—should couples be allowed to live together without being married or not

Steroids—Should we allow steroids in sports or not

Stem cells—Should they be used or not

Legalizing Recreational Marijuana—should it be legal or not in our state La.

If you have a topic not listed that you want to argue, email it to me and I’ll let you know if it’s useable.

Upload your written form to Moodle

Upload your video to Moodle and if it will not fit post it on YouTube and email me the link.

When you frame your video make sure you are standing not sitting, and I can see your hands and arms not just your face.