Participation Assignment 4 and 5

Participation Assignment 4 and 5

Participation Assignment 4


After reading the information in chapter 2 and from Wikipedia on Alexis de


Please answer with one or two sentences on why you believe it was important to

identify the impact associations had on an “up and coming” democratic nation.

Please consider how associations are still important in today’s society



Participation Assignment 5

Question Assignment– Please respond via canvas

Market failure and government failure are two theories that were identified in chapter 2 of your

course book – which explain why nonprofits exist – and that is to correct these failures. These

are the two most important theories on why nonprofits exist in the US and it is important to

understand them. 

Please read the information below and answer these questions – please post your reply in

Canvas. Please make pertinent statements to

questions with relationship to the theories.

a. Give an example/s of either market failure or government failure?

b. What is the difference between public goods and private goods?