Participation Assignment 2

Participation Assignment 2

Participation Assignment 2


Please look up the following mission statement for the following businesses

(usually found on the homepage of the business web page or on Wikipedia):

For profits                                                                                          Nonprofits

Starbucks                                                                                          Goodwill Industries of Indiana

Target                                                                                                 IU Health

Coca Cola                                                                                         Heartland Film

Please read each of the examples of mission statements and briefly tell me what

differences you notice, if any. You do not need to send me the mission

statements written out for each business. You may compare nonprofits to

profits or specific businesses to specific businesses.

Please answer in canvas assignments by noon on Friday


Assignment 2

Read the first chapter in your course book by O’Neil. I will refer to the book several times

throughout the semester and I will use the author’s last name when I am presenting ideas or

information from the book.

Many times I will give you a PowerPoint that bullet points key information from the chapters

and also may review items discussed in the module. My best advice for you is to study and

know the information in the PowerPoints and use the information as a study guide for tests. I

do not hand out a comprehensive study guide before a test. Other information on tests will be

information that transpires through our modules.