PART 3: Research on Historical Context and Creation of a Timeline

PART 3: Research on Historical Context and Creation of a Timeline


PART 3: Research on Historical Context and Creation of a Timeline (100 pts)

The next part of this project involves the creation of a timeline with not only family events, but historical and social context to help understand the time period and what the family members encountered. So, for my example, I’ll need to research what was happening in France that might have led to my family’s departure? What was happening in New York City in 1837, what would their arrival have been like, and where they might have gone upon arrival? I’ll also want to research likely travel patterns to Ohio and look for any documentation of land purchases or census records in order to follow their route.


Newspapers will be an important source of information for this project, as will local histories. This is not the place to rely on something like Wikipedia. We want to know what was happening in our family member’s lives. So, you’ll need not just national history, but local history as well.


To help organize this research, I’m asking for a timeline. This can be a virtual timeline using Web resources (there’s a list on Bb), or the timeline could be presented as a document with a table, or even a spreadsheet. Regardless, the timeline should contain important dates, research, and perhaps even visuals in four areas (which could be represented by four different lines or columns, depending upon format):

1.       family history

2.       local history (for whatever city or state your ancestors resided in)

3.       national history (what was going on in the US that might have affected their experiences)

4.       international history (what international events that might have affected their experiences)


I suggest limiting the time period to a minimum of one day (with lots of details) to a maximum of just a few years in order to make this a manageable project. This part of the project should contain a minimum of 15 references, which should be a combination of genealogical documents and historical references.


The due date for the timeline is Tuesday, 4/27 by midnight, in Blackboard. Rubric below:




Demonstrates clear understanding of intersection of family history, local history, national history, and international history


Contains a combination of 15 sources


Presented clearly, professionally, and in an organized fashion