MKT 300 – Writing Assignment 1

MKT 300 – Writing Assignment 1

MKT 300 – Writing Assignment 1


TOPIC:              A Company and a Marketing Idea They Nailed


LENGTH:         Should be about 1 ½ pages long

                             (approximately 750 words per part with one-inch margins)


FORMAT:        Single-spaced with spaces between paragraphs or sections, no larger than 12 pt. font

                             (Note: Please do not try to game the spacing and length by using large section headers and multiple spaces on top and bottom of them. If you use section headers, simply bold them followed by a colon and a space and begin your paragraph on the same line)




1. Overview of the chosen company (around 100 words or three to four sentences)


2. Summarize the marketing campaign to include the intended audience, methodology and expected results (around 100-150 words)


3. Your analysis of why the campaign was successful (around 500 words)


4. Some evidence of research (which should be properly cited in the paper using your preferred citation methodology, include one works cited page for the whole assignment)




– This is an individual assignment and individual effort from each student is expected. Do not share your work with anyone else in the class or assist in their research. You all know what cheating is, please don’t do it.


– Make use of the resources of the university library (databases, reference librarians, etc.).


– Use the writing center if you think you need it.


– Please don’t wait until the last minute. The best papers you’ll write get completed and put away for a day or two for you to come back and refine. It’s a best practice you should learn now.





Paper is worth 100 points


90-100 Points – This paper is well organized and concise; the student uses terminology from class lectures and materials and appropriately applies them to their analysis; paper shows appropriate and related research; grammar and spelling errors are minimal


80-89 Points – This paper shows signs of all of the above but is a little less refined, shows inconsistent application of class materials but exhibits solid understanding of class materials; research is a little less complete or applicable; grammar mistakes are numerous, but not egregious


70-79 Points – This paper shows only a basic understanding of class concepts and fails to accomplish any of the above outlined criteria for grading; research is surface only and not properly applied; grammar is consistently poor


0-70 Points – This paper fails to meet any of the above criteria