Meaningful Change

Meaningful Change

This week you need to find one thing that creates meaningful change for others (and in turn yourself).  Discussion Board – Share what you chose to do, how you did it, and comment on your results, review other classmates’ discussions and comment on two of them. 

Discussion questions are designed for students to interact with each other and the instructor on selected topics that are pertinent to specific chapters we are working on. Answers are graded on completeness of content.

For full credit, you can expect your answer to require at least 5-6 full paragraphs of information, and contain the pertinent content material.  Short answers and brief overview responses almost always result in less than full credit.

Please use proper etiquette and professionalism in all your answers.  Also spelling and grammar do count.

All answers must be submitted in the comment section.

RESPONSES SUBMITTED AS ATTACHEMENTS WILL BE GIVEN A ZERO “0”. This is required so that students can review each others answers to gain additional insight.

Discussion Topic:

Please introduce yourself to your fellow classmates.  Be sure to include what your career goals are and what you intend to do with your degree once you graduate.  You may also include where you are from,  your family life, past experiences, and reasons that you chose this career field. You must read the other students’ posts, but you do not need to comment on them for this week only.