MBSE Journal Article

MBSE Journal Article

Systems Engineering I – Fall 2020

MBSE Journal Article

Due Date: Monday, November 30 (11:59 PM)




Your final exercise of the semester involves reading a journal article related to Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE).



Part A: Read the Journal Article

Please read the journal article titled, “Model-Based Systems Engineering: An Emerging Approach for Modern Systems.”


Part B: Discussion Questions

Answer the following questions based on what you learned in the article as well as your own opinions:

1.    What is the context of the article? Think about when this article was published and what technology trends were prevalent at the time.

2.    The authors claim that MBSE will be integral to the future of systems engineering. Provide your own perspectives on why MBSE will be needed for the future of systems engineering.

3.    Discuss some challenges or limitations in applying MBSE within current systems engineering projects.  

4.    How does this article relate to other topics we have discussed in this course?