Make revisions to 2 PowerPoints for Science Course

Open the 2 PowerPoint below and make revisions to them based on the instructors comments….references MUST be 5 years old or less.

In this project, you need to be more specific when you talk about the impact of herbicides on the world. Where is there greater impact? Where is there less? For example, we have more laws than many developing countries. Look at this. Be specific about how much is in the world and how much more is being used. You did not discuss how we clean up what’s already out there or how we change this damage in the future. Yes, we have some laws in the US, but what about other countries? Or maybe policies from the UN?

POWER POINT Propyl Gallate in Food:

You said that propyl gallate can be simply defined as an anti-oxidant. Why is this important? How and why do humans use this chemical? To protect fats and oils. Again, why is this important? What does this do to foods? You say that the impact on humans can be deseacher, etc. What is “the inhibitory impact of propyl gallate onplants such as activity of mushroom tyrosinase leads to propyl gallate on percarp browning of harvested long a fruit in relation to phenolic?” Please put this in your own words so that I know you understand what you are discussing. You did not talk about impact on the environment, how long it stays in the body, low long it stays in the environment, or alternatives. You did say that it has been banned in some European and Asian countries.