Macroeconomics HW #4

Macroeconomics HW #4

Hw 4

Due: Sat Apr 10, 2021 11:59pmDue: Sat Apr 10, 2021 11:59pm

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Do questions #4 and #6 in Chapter 6. These are multiple-choice question, I want you to not only indicate your choice of ‘lettered answer,’ but also explain and illustrate how you arrived at your answer on each one. In other words, treat it like a short answer question (illustrate with detailed graphs, show calculations, explain the details of what you are doing, etc.). Do your own work (i.e., don’t use other people’s work or past work … I’ve been seeing that recently, and I can tell).

Below, I include some details on procedures…

When it’s time to do your assignment: Save your work as a pdf file and ‘attach it to the assignment.’ You can type your answers or write them by hand. In either case, you’ll need to show graphs and/or math work. If you type your answers, you’ll need to do graphs with some sort of drawing program. If you don’t have access to (or facility with) such a program, you can write your answer by hand. If you have access to a scanner, you can scan  your work and save it as a pdf file. If you type and use a drawing and math typing program, you should be able to save your file as pdf. If neither of these work, you should be able to take a cell phone photo, email it to yourself, download it and then save it as a pdf file. You should be able to google steps if you still are unsure how to do save things as a pdf file. * Then you’ll need to upload the file to this ‘assignment.’ 

You’ll have until Sat. Apr. 10, 11:59pm to submit the assignment. Canvas will say this is worth ‘0’ points, but that does NOT mean this is optional. I look at the work at the end of the term and see if you’ve submitted the assignments and showed your work – and THEN I determine your hw/participation points. If you submit all the hw and show sufficient work, you’ll get ALL the points for this component of the grading.