Literature Review Assignment

Literature Review Assignment







**Paper must be in APA format (9 points)



Title of Research Paper


College and Course Number

July 22, 2020








Title of Your Research Paper

Introduction (10 points)

            Explain why your study is important. Add resources that support your explanation. This section should have at least three paragraphs (at least five sentences per paragraph).

Literature Review (15 points)

            Add the literature review from the previous assignment.

Hypothesis (14 points)

            Describe your research question. Support your research question using valid resources. Create your hypotheses for your quantitative study. Describe your null and alternative hypothesis. Add resources that support your hypothesis. Reiterate why this study is necessary.

Method (20 points)

Describe the methodology that you are going to use in this study (survey, observational, quasi-experimental, or experimental). Explain why you selected this methodology instead of the other methodologies. Support your response with valid resources. Describe the design that you are going to use in this study (cross sectional or longitudinal). Explain why you selected this design instead of the other design. Support your response with valid resources. Describe your independent variable, your independent variable groups, and your dependent variable. Describe the scale of measurement (nominal, ordinal, interval, or ratio) that you will use for your dependent variable.

Hypothetical Results (14 points)

In this section, you will describe the statistics that you used to answer your research question (independent t-test, dependent t-test, ANOVA, correlation/regression). Explain why you selected the statistic instead of the other statistics (describe the number of groups in your independent variable and the scale of measurement for your dependent variable). You will also describe the results of your hypothetical research data. Include your statistical sentence. Indicate whether you reject or retain your null hypothesis. Explain whether or not you can support your hypothesis.





Add at least 10 reference in APA format. (10 Points)




Appendix A

Copy and paste your SPSS (or statistics website) data and output here. (+8)

You can add an additional table/figure in APA format for extra credit.