Lesson 4 Group Discussion + Responses: Hiring a Social Media Director

Lesson 4 Group Discussion + Responses: Hiring a Social Media Director

Lesson 4 Group Discussion: Hiring a Social Media Director

Due dates: Wednesday, September 21for the post and Friday, September 23 for the responses.


This week we start exploring one of the technical sides of HR management: job analysis. Pynes (2013) chapter 5 will discuss the importance of job analysis and the requirements for a successful one. Sanchez and Levine (2009) they compare Traditional Job Analysis with Competency Modeling. Reitner-Palmon et al. (2006) describe a web-based job analysis process and its applications in the US Navy. Singh (2008) emphasizes the importance of having a strategic approach to job analysis. 

By the end of this week you have to complete the following assignment: 

·       Participate in Lesson 4 Group Discussion: Hiring a Social Media Director available on Pynes’ text (2013, p. 170). 


Please read Exercise 5.1: Hiring a Social Media Director in Pynes’ text (2013, p. 170), and answer the following questions:

1.    Before hiring a social media director, a job analysis should be conducted. What job analysis method or methods would you recommend to identify the most important KSAOCs for the position? Why?  What are the benefits to your chosen method as opposed to other methods

2.    Please identify the competencies that are required for the position.

3.    Job descriptions are an invaluable part of HRM. What are the job description’s greatest strength and greatest weakness?

A Q& A format works best here

You are expected to make one initial post by Wednesday, September 21, and reply to the posting of at least two other students Friday, September 23.

·       Each original response to the questions for the week must be at least 250 words (you can write more) long and specifically reference concepts and content found in the coursework for the week and provide citations in support.

·       You should cite all the references Highlighted in red above.

·       Peer responses must be at least 150 words long and one or more of these types: (1) agreement with extension, (2) an alternative perspective with rationale, or (3) a respectful challenge with counter argument.

Note: The discussion allows you to interact with and learn from others. The earlier you complete your replies, the better to allow for discussion among your peers. The goal is to encourage a dialogue back and forth between you and your classmates.