Lesson 10 Group Discussion: AIESEC in Lebanon

Lesson 10 Group Discussion: AIESEC in Lebanon

Lesson 10 Group Discussion: AIESEC in Lebanon


Reading Highlights

  • Volunteers are important to strategic human resources management in both the public and nonprofit sectors. This is based on the numbers of American people who engage in volunteering work.  
  • Both intrinsic and extrinsic rewards seem to motivate volunteers. 
  • Governing boards play and important role in nonprofit organizations and their role in making policies and provide general oversight. 
  • The Jamison (2003) article focuses on the strategies to retain volunteers in human service agencies. Both preservice and in-service training and challenging task are strategies that prevents volunteer turnover. 


Thediscussion of AISESE in Lebanon case aims to tackle volunteer engagement and the policies that should be implemented by nonprofit organizations (NPOs). Students learn about the importance of volunteer engagement and the policies required to enhance them. They also have the opportunity to discuss a real-life example of an NPO facing problems of engagement, commitment, motivation, and turnover. Students will develop detailed plans to solve the issues affecting AIESEC in Lebanon. After completion of the discussion, the students will be able to accomplish the following objectives.

The objectives

1.    To describe the importance of volunteer engagement.

2.     To recommend the strategies to tackle engagement problems.

3.     To devise detailed plans and policies to solve engagement problems. 

4.     To communicate the plan and get the volunteers on board.

Guiding Questions

The followings are questions that will help guide your discussion of the case:

·       What core challenges does AIESEC in Lebanon currently face? Describe them briefly and elaborate on their impact on the progress of the organization.

·       What strategies would you recommend to AIESEC in Lebanon to help solve the problems it faces?

·       How should AIESEC in Lebanon communicate the plan and strategies to its members and leadership body?

You are expected tomake one initial post Tuesday, November 1, and reply to the posting of at least two other students by Friday, November 4.

·       Each original response to the questions for the week must be at least 400 words long and specifically reference concepts and content found in the coursework for the week and provide citations in support.

·       Peer responses must be at least 200 words long and one or more of these types: (1) agreement with extension, (2) an alternative perspective with rationale, or (3) a respectful challenge with counter argument.

Note: The discussion allows you to interact with and learn from others. The earlier you complete your replies, the better to allow for discussion among your peers. The goal is to encourage a dialogue back and forth between you and your classmates.


Daou, A., Khoury, H., & Jackwala, M. (2020). AIESEC in Lebanon: Volunteer Engagement Policy.