KSM’s Mission Statement: “ To Help Our Clients Achieve Success ”

KSM’s Mission Statement:  “To Help Our Clients Achieve Success” KSM’s Six (6) Key Values: Lifetime RelationshipsWe are committed to continuous relationships, where individual needs and visions for success are understood. We will listen intently, be inquisitive and challenging, and serve each client’s unique needs. IntegrityIntegrity is the foundation of our firm. We will be honest in everything we do. ResponsivenessWe will always be accessible and willing to help our clients in a timely manner. QualityWe will demand the best from ourselves to allow us to be leaders in innovative solutions, efficiency and client satisfaction. Employee SuccessEach employee will be given the encouragement, support and opportunity to achieve professional growth. EntrepreneurshipWe will remain entrepreneurial in style, attitude and approach. There Are The Questions: ……. ….. Katz, Sapper & Miller: Accounting Case Study Questions Indianapolis based Katz, Sapper & Miller, the largest Indianabased certified public accounting (CPA) and consulting practice in the state, has effectively evolved its business over time within an ever changing marketplace, with increasing federal regulatory requirements. 1.  Discuss why Katz, Sapper & Miller, the largest Indianabased CPA and consulting firm in      the state, is such a greatcompany.  Consider the following in your discussion: ·         What impact did Irwin Katz, the company’s modern day founder, have on building the business? ·         How has the firm’s mission statement and six (6) key values helped to determine its core accounting business practices? ·         What is meant by Irv Katz’s business strategy: “Don’t just have clients; have partners for life”? 2.  How does Katz, Sapper & Miller ensure superior customer service and client satisfaction?        Consider the following: ·         What kinds of accounting, audit, and tax services does the firm provide? ·         Who is their target market(s) by industry and company? ·         Why would prospective clients give serious consideration to have KSM handle their accounting, audit and tax services? 3.  Working in an ever changing accounting, audit and tax environment that is driven by      change and strict regulatory adherence, how does the managing partner (David Resnick): ·         Ensure strict employee compliance to federal and state regulation and the company’s high ethical standards? ·         Resolve differences of opinion (including impasses) that surface between clients and company consultants? 4.  Explain the talent management processes that KSM uses to attract, develop and retain      superior performers.  Consider the following in your answer: ·         What are the position requirements and candidate qualifications for new college recruits? ·         What role do student internships play in attracting talent? ·         What employee development practices does the firm follow to achieve superior retention results? 5.  Discuss the competitive nature of the accounting, audit and tax marketplace.  Consider the      following in your discussion. ·         Which employee work characteristics are most highly valued by the firm’s clients? ·         According to Cathy Langham and Jeff Smulyan, what characteristics differentiate Katz, Sapper & Miller in the marketplace from other competitors?
·         What are the keys to future business growth for the firm? ……. …..