We will be watching the movie “Sound and Fury” in class as part of our cultural awareness of the deaf community.  We will have a special guest speaker that will further discuss the topic of deaf culture as she experiences it.
Your assignment is to create a PowerPoint titled “What nurses need to know about deaf culture in Minnesota.”  You are to use the movie, “Sound and Fury” as well as other online resources provided on Blackboard to address this content.  You are to create a basic PowerPoint that includes your “spoken portion” in the notes section of each slide.  There must be at least 10 slides and 4 references included in the PowerPoint and appropriate citations throughout as required. You will find that the MN Department of Human Services and the National Institute of Deafness and Communications Disorders will lead you to a number of other resources along the way.  Explore these as they will help you to better grasp what is available to individuals in the U.S. and state of MN. Please note that Wikipedia is not a valid reference for any project. You can use all websites as references for this project if you choose but be sure to use solid websites and to cite them correctly on your slides. YOU WILL NOT PRESENT THIS IN CLASS.
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