Informative Speech

Informative Speech

Informative Speech

Before you start assignment.

First make sure you have read Chapter 10 in the Speakeasy book. I put a copy of the chapter on Moodle for you.

Second watch the guidelines for the speech entitled Structure. You can view the guidelines as a Power point or as a PDF file whichever you prefer.

This is due by 11:59 pm Sunday Nov 15. If you are having problems due to the storm and need more time let me know and I will extend the due date.

Informative speech

How To

Explain how to do a simple physical task.

2 minute minimum, 3 minute maximum

Some simple physical task you are familiar with, something you do every day.

A simple 3 step process, if it has more than 3 steps find another physical task.

Use language to explain the steps

You cannot demonstrate how to perform your simple physical task while giving your speech

Type up what you intend to say in your speech to be uploaded to Moodle, in paragraph form, 5 paragraphs 3 sentences each

1st paragraph–Introduction

2nd paragraph–Body-explain step one

3rd paragraph–Body-explain step two

4th paragraph–Body-explain step three

5th paragraph–Conclusion

Stay away from preparing food, anything cooked or sandwiches or coffee preparation or cereal or Ramen noodles and stay away from drink mixes, these all require listing ingredients, don’t list ingredients, explain the physical steps required to complete a simple task.

Upload written form to Moodle, Microsoft Word works best for Moodle.

Upload recording of you giving speech to Moodle or YouTube, if you use YouTube make sure you send me the link.

Here is an example of a washing your hair speech. Do not do your speech on washing hair, that task has been taken.


The other day a guy walked up to me and asked me what time it was. I looked at my watch then looked at the guy and when I saw his hair, it looked like he hadn’t washed his hair in weeks. It was tangled and dirty. I said let me help you out by explaining how to wash your hair in 3 easy steps. Wet, wash and rinse.

Explain the wetting the hair step in 3sentences.

Explain the washing the hair step in 3sentences.

Explain the rinsing the hair step in 3sentences.

So, to recap, wet the hair making sure you get all the follicles wet. Apply the soap to all the parts of your scalp and hair. Then rinse to get all the soap off all of your hair. That is the way to wash hair in 3 easy steps. So, if you ever run into someone who looks like they haven’t washed their hair in weeks and it is tangled and dirty, then you can help them out.