Indiana University of Pennsylvania Medical Social Media Strategy Essay

Getting Started
No medical social media strategy would be complete without a plan for a blog.” – Howard J. Lucas, MD
A blog is a discussion or information site published on the Internet. Most blogs combine text and images. They are interactive in nature, allowing for comment and discussion. Healthcare blogs vary in content and style. They can be educational, a commentary, or relay shared experience. For an organization, a blog has several benefits. The blog can:

Provide patient education.
Establish expertise in a given area.
Increase online visibility.
Create community.
Provide an opportunity to learn from stakeholders.
Humanize the organization (Ennis-O’Connor, 2014).

Upon successful completion of the course material, you will be able to:

Develop a healthcare blog post focused on an organizational strategic goal.
Demonstrate the ability to develop and express ideas in writing.



Read Chapter 5: Healthcare Marketing in Essentials of Strategic Planning in Healthcare.
Review Coastal Medical Center (CMC) Comprehensive Case Study.
Write a 200-300 word blog post directed toward CMC’s market and designed to increase patient volumes while increasing employee morale.
Make the blog post creative with text and graphics. Here is a link to a quick video that will give ideas on writing blog posts: