Identify this belief or practice in a care delivery site.

Identify this belief or practice in a care delivery site.

  1. Choose a cultural, spiritual practice, or belief that impact cultural and spiritual care of a client considering the individual race, ethnic, economic, gender, and age as components of individualized care.
  2. Identify this belief or practice in a care delivery site.
  3. Create opportunity to experience selected aspect of care.
  4. Describe the experience that you have had with this practice.
  5. Explain why/how this practice as affected health care
  6. Use existing evidence to support incorporation of this aspect of care.
  7. Prepare a 10-minute, voice over, PPT presentation sharing your knowledge and experience.
  8. Consider APA formatted references are required; please remember to reference any materials you refer to in the presentation.

For example:

Step 1:  Based on your experience or interest, choose a cultural or spiritual practice or belief. Some examples are: Tai Chi, Qigong, Transcendental Meditation, Acupuncture, Ayurveda, healing touch, yoga, or curaderismo, healing practices of Native American tribes, healing practices of LDS, or healing gardens, green space, healing spaces.( can you do on aryuveda or yoga)

Step 2:  Establish an experience with your chosen topic. For example- visit a practitioner, experience the modality, and interview someone who actively practices the modality for health care.

Step 3:  Develop a voice over PowerPoint or Prezi presentation sharing your experience.

Presentation to follow format:

  • Identify topic, brief background, and why you chose this topic (5 minutes)
  • What was the experience, your synthesized response to knowledge and experience (3 minutes)
  • How could this be incorporated into practice, or not.  (2 minutes)

Post your PPT here for your peers to view.

  • The official due date is Sunday of week 8 but you may submit this any day during week 8