I need a 20 page total about competitive benefits.

I need a 20 page total about competitive benefits. This means I need benefits comparison (add prices of health, vision, and dental) between top employers which could be Google, Amazon, Yahoo, your benefits at companies you worked for, etc. And why these benefits attract employees to stay or not stay and why benefits reduce turnover.

An introduction that gages the significance and value of the topic.
A review of the literature pertaining to the topic so it’s clear that you researched existing knowledge (both theoretical and applied) to establish the context in which your paper is situated.
A description of the methods or tools used in conducting your study, the process used to gather and evaluate information, and a narrative documenting the critical decisions made in crafting your argument.
A reporting of results and a summary of the findings of your investigation.
A conclusion that reviews how your paper speaks to the work that has already been done in the field, how it compares to works of others and any recommendations that you feel are needed.
Up to 5 of these pages may include:

Title page
Table of contents
Executive Summary–a description of the topic and its importance, the research question and how you have answered it, and what your results indicate. 250 words or less.
(Abstract  page)
Introduction with thesis statement in it

Think of the following questions:

What is the core question and sub-questions that have focused your mind in developing an outline?
What are the anticipated activities of your project?
What is your hypothesis or theory?
A reference and appendices section citing all of the sources you used in your paper.
*References and Appendixes may exceed 1 page and the 5 page total when doing so is a consequence of the volume of either.

PIease, message me with any questions if unsure how to write this.