Human Trafficking Final Paper

Human Trafficking Final Paper

These are general Instructions: final term paper: A comparative study on an international or a transnational crime with a focus on two of our model nations (England, France, Germany, China, Japan, Saudi Arabia).

The purpose of this assignment is to analyze contributing factors to the criminal problem in each country, identify the similarities and differences between the two countries in their approach to criminal justice, and provide current specific examples (from the media) of the crime and societal reactions to the crime.

Note: See the following outline and include these sections in your term paper. Keep these questions in mind when you’re doing research on the two countries you’re focusing on. Cite the sources that you use using APA citation format.



Problem statement What is the focus of your final term paper? Is it an international or a transnational crime? Which countries do you want to focus on? Why?  

Project objectives What are the purposes of your research? In other words, what questions do you want to have answered in your study?  

Significance Briefly describe the topic and its significance Define the crime you’re focusing on use official sources and cite them (books, articles, websites, governmental reports, etc.) Find statistics and cite them to support your argument on the significance of this topic.  Crime Control Strategies

How is this crime handled in the criminal justice system of the two countries you’re focusing on? What does police do to control crime? How does the courts system approach this crime?  Directions for future research

How does your study help to advance your understanding of this criminal issue? What questions are left unanswered for you?