HRM Lesson 5 Recruitment and Selection Exercise

HRM Lesson 5 Recruitment and Selection Exercise

Lesson 5 Recruitment and Selection Exercise


Please access Pynes’ Job Descriptions in the “Recruitment and Selection” chapter, you should read the entire article, and work individually to answer the following questions:

A. Rationally group the jobs and (A) discuss your rationale for the groups created.  As with all personal methodology, you are free to use I statements when discussing its formation.


B. For each group created – please answer the following questions. Please be comprehensive and provide justifications from the readings to substantiate your responses.  Cites to support your decisions are required.

1.    How and where will you let potential applicants know that this job is available? Why?

2.    What kind of information do you want applicants to provide in their applications? Why?

3.    How will you use this information to screen applicants and determine who is not eligible for further consideration?

4.    What kinds of examinations or screening techniques are most appropriate for filling each position? Why?

Your submission must be 750 words maximum (the penalty for going over the word limit applies).

Write up your answers to the question in Q & A format and submit it by Thursday, October 29.