How do we know that we are not now dreaming?

How do we know that we are not now dreaming?

Consider the position of modern skepticism. Descartes gave birth to Matrix-type theories in his question “How do we know that we are not now dreaming?” According to Descartes, we know because God would never be so cruel as to leave us trapped in an endless dream, but let’s say that he is (or that divinity isn’t involved in this matter or doesn’t exist).

What would you do if you found out that you have been in a coma for all of what you know to be your entire life? What if everything you remember is part of an elaborate dream? Would you do anything differently? If you were offered a chance to wake up, would you? Why or why not?

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If I would to find out that my whole life was just a dream, I would be probably flip out and later feel depress for thinking it was an actual reality. This actually reminds me of an episode of Rick and Morty, when they go to this galactic arcade place and morty gets on this Virtual Reality Life Simulator and plays the life of this person named Roy from childhood to death. Basically a whole life of 50 – 70 years was just 15 minutes in real life and he’s convinced it was real. Well honestly if this was just a simulation, I would really start pondering about that life and probably be heartbroken. And if I had the chance to go back and offer not to wake up, I think I would and live life at the fullest. And if I game over, I would start a new life with a new strategy.