HIST201 10 Final Paper

HIST201 10 Final Paper

Students should write a (double spaced, Times New Roman font, standard 1″ or 1 1/4″ inch margins) paper in response to the following question. The paper should be 750 words minimum. Use endnotes, footnotes, or in-text (parenthetical) citations to cite direct quotes and other material derived from your sources. The paper should be submitted in the course Moodle system, and is due on Thursday Dec. 1 at 5 PM.

Evaluate the arguments made during the 1787-1788 debates over ratifying the Constitution. Read one of the famous Federalist papers (either #10 or 51) and the antifederalist paper of the same number intended to contrast with it. You should use specific examples from the two documents you choose to back up the arguments and main points in your paper.

The Federalist Papers are online at:


The Anti-Federalist Papers are online at:


Compare and contrast the arguments made by both sides. What do they agree and disagree about, both in terms of underlying philosophies of government, and in terms of the specific challenges and dangers facing the young nation? Which arguments do you find most convincing, and why?