HDF 100WI Draft 1

HDF 100WI Draft 1

Research Review Directions

HDF 100WI-Fall 2022

100 points

Due dates: 1st Draft due October 13 by 11:59pm on Bb (10 points)

Final Copy due on October 27 by 11:59pm on Bb (90 points) (refer to the syllabus regarding late work)


Assignment length: A minimum of 4 to 5 pages, 12 pt. Times New Roman, double-spaced, normal margins (1” all around). Must use APA style.


The purpose of this assignment is to help you become familiar with and review a research article. We have discussed the research process in class and now you will have the opportunity to read about actual research and how it contributes to the larger body of knowledge. Please choose one of the following articles to read and write about. You may also use the search engine for CMU libraries to choose a different article related to a subject of your choosing. Please confirm with me that the article qualifies as original research before proceeding to use if for the assignment. The following articles are found under the “Resources” tab on Bb.


            Examining the Relationship between Helicopter Parenting and Emerging Adults’ Mind                                 sets Using the Consolidated Helicopter Parenting Scale

Examining social adjustment to college in the age of social media


Childhood poverty, cumulative risk exposure, and mental health in emerging adults


A cross-sectional analysis of video games and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder                                    symptoms in adolescents


        Middle School Students’ Social Media Use

            Rates of peer victimization in young adolescents with ADHD and associations with                                    internalizing symptoms and self‐esteem

Parental divorce, familial risk for depression, and psychopathology in offspring: A        three-generation study                                                                                                           


            Mothers’ and fathers’ parenting styles and associations with toddlers’ externalizing,                                  internalizing, and adaptive behaviors


            Mothers’ mental distress and parenting practices with infants and toddlers

Psychosocial Factors Promoting Personal Growth Throughout



Your review paper should include the following components:


                        1.  A title page:


      – Include your name, class identification (i.e., HDF 100WI, T/Th 2:00 pm) and                                  professor’s name


                        2.  Introduction:


      1.         Clearly introduce the topic of your article.


      2.         You should start with a broad opening statement about the general topic of                         the review article.  Add a minimum few sentences about why this topic is relevant, interesting, important, etc… .  End the paragraph with a statement along the lines of, “This paper will review the information contained in (name of article) followed by Citation of the article being reviewed (Use APA format when writing the citation.)

Citing the article the first time would include: (ALL authors’ last names (with initials listed), year of publication.)


*If you look at the end of this writing assignment, you will see a sample of citing for the Reference Page.  If someone were using that article, the first full cite in the intro would be:

(Phillips, D. A., Fox, N. A., & Gunnar, M. R., 2011.)


3. Body:  


You should address each of these sections below which are identified in bold face headings as separate paragraphs.  You should read the article and paraphrase the information found in the article to address all of the information requested below.  Because you are only focused on the one article, you can just cite that article at the end of each paragraph contained in the body. Citing will generally include (Last name of author (or authors if there are two authors, year of article.).


IF there are several authors, the citing would be (Last name of first author et al.,                              year.)

*Example based on above cite: (Phillips et al., 2011)

IF you use a direct quote (you should do this only on a limited basis) the citation                               should immediately follow and will follow the above format, however the page                                     number rather than the year will be used in the citation.)


      1.         What are the research questions or hypotheses? If not clearly stated; what                         is the inferred/implied hypothesis? (In other words, you can make                                                       a guess if they are not stated in the article)


            2.        What variables were the authors investigating and what were the                                                             relationships between variables (e.i. poverty and academic success).


            3.         What type of sample was used? (e.g. Was it chosen randomly or by                                                           convenience? How was the sample identified? What were the demograph                                                      ics of the population(sample) being studied? (age, gender, socioeconomic                                                     status, ethnicity, etc.)


            5.        What type of methods was used for this research? (Was it qualitative or                                                  quantitative, experimental, correlational, case study, naturalistic                                                             observation, survey, longitudinal or cross sectional?)  How was data                                                      collected? Did the authors use questionnaires, observations, surveys or                                                            interviews? If it was an experimental design, what variables were manipu                                                  lated and what treatment/s did the experimental and control groups use?


            6.         Overall, what were the findings

                        a. Include statistical data most relevant to the research questions/state                                                          ments or hypothesis (did the data confirm the hypotheses or relationships                                                     in the research question/s or not?). You do not have to report on detailed                                                            statistics, but rather significance of correlations either supporting or failing                                 to support the questions.



                        4.  Personal Analysis:


                        1.         Write a minimum of one page identifying and citing examples of the                                                reciprocal influences between the sample of individuals in this study and their

                        social environments (i.e. What is the potential impact of the individuals in the                                      study on their families, friends, schools, neighborhood work (Microsystems) and                                        how might these environments influence them.  What are some potential policy                                                 implications from the study in terms of how it could impact different

                        microsystems.) You should basically envision how Bronfenbrenner’s model of                                        systems might look at the topic/results of this study in terms of the five different                                               systems.






                    5.  Conclusion:  


                    1.   Briefly restate important aspects of the study and the strengths and weaknesses                                           of it (identified by the authors along with your own thoughts about weaknesses                                               and what would make the study stronger)

                    2.   Provide implications (suggestions) for future research and/or practice (Your own                   ideas as well as those of the author/s)


                        6.  Reference Page:


                        You need to include a reference page at the end of your paper.  “References”                                      should be centered at the top of the page and you can use the format below in the                                          Sample APA reference as a guide (you can basically just plug your information                                                into that format).


*FOR this assignment, it is likely that your reference page will only include the article you are reviewing, unless you use some other source for your introduction.


APA (American Psychological Association) Style Assistance

Sample for citing on Reference page in APA style:

Phillips, D. A., Fox, N. A., & Gunnar, M. R. (2011). Same place, different experiences: Bringing individual differences to research in child care. Child Development Perspectives, 5, 44-49. doi:10.1111/j.1750-8606.2010.00155.x


·      Author’s names listed in the order they appear on the article

o   Last name, first initial, middle initial

·      Year in parentheses

·      Article title – only capitalize the very first word of the title and the first word after the colon, if applicable

·      Journal title – italicized

·      Volume number – italicized.

o   Include the journal issue number along with the volume number for journals that are paginated separately by issue (i.e., each issue starts on page 1).  Ex: Volume 14 Issue 3 would be 14(3)

o   You do not need to include the issue number if the journal is not paginated separately by issue. 

·      Page numbers

·      Doi number – there is no space between the colon and the start of the numbers

o   The doi number is typically found at the top or bottom of the first

o   page of your article.  Note that not all articles have doi numbers.

APA Style Resources:

http://www.apastyle.org/ Link to the official American Psychological Association website

http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/ Link to Purdue University’s information site about APA style