“Genomics and Proteomics”

Biology with Physiology
textbook. Campbell Essential Biology with Physiology (4th edition) by Eric J. Simon, Jean L. Dickey and Jane B.
Reece; Pearson Publishing
Short Answer Assignment 1 (Due at noon on Wednesday, Feb 10th)
Reading material:
a. p231-232 “Tracking the Anthrax Killer”
b. P303-304 “Bacteria and Disease” (including “Bacteria that cause disease” and “Biological Weapons”)
c. p230-231 “Genomics and Proteomics”
d. Huffpost article: “This Might Explain Why Diet Soda Drinkers Are Often Overweight” (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/09/18/artificial-sweeteners-gut-bacteria_n_5837646.html)
Based on information from these readings, answer the following questions:
1. Explain the mechanismof why pathogenic bacteria have the ability to make us sick? (2pts)
2. List at least two examples of bacteria which are used as biological weapons. (2pts)
3. What technique(s) have we developed to track the sources of bacterial weapons and diseases? (2pts)
4. Based on the Huffpost article and what we talked about in class, use your own words toexplain the mechanisms why drinking diet soda may cause obesity. (4pts)
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