First short paper- The Anti-Islam discourse of Medieval Europe

First short paper- The Anti-Islam discourse of Medieval Europe

-First short paper (4 pages). The paper should compare the anti-Islam discourse of Medieval Europe that fueled the crusades to 19th century Orientalism that generated European colonialism. Students should use at least three academic sources in writing this paper.

-Organization (30%):

-Title page: should include the title of the paper, student’s name and ID number, and course title. -Introduction: should state the purpose of the paper, highlight the research question and the thesis statement, and an overview of the remainder sections of the paper. -Literature review/Contexts: provides an overview of the different positions while showing its strengths and weaknesses and relates them to the student’s argument. -Method/Approach: in this section students should explain the approach or method used in trying to answer the research question. -Bibliography: lists the sources used in writing the paper



Delivery (20%):

-Students should express their ideas in a coherent and clear manner. They should avoid too many simple grammar and spelling mistakes by running a spelling and grammar check before submitting their paper. Students can also consult the writing center. Content (50%):

The focus here will be primarily on students’ analyses and arguments and to a lesser degree on the background information.