Final Project

Final Project

Final Project

·       Turning in your final project — 200 points

·       This project is due to me no later than noon on May 7 …

·       Please send your final projects to me on Canvas under the assignment tab.  

·       Your projects will be graded on the following:

·       Creativity (30 points) this includes graphics, video, charts, format of presentation, look of presentation

·       Professionalism and content of documents you send to me (50 points) this includes How the project is presented to the President of a nonprofit. Opening introductory letter, closing wrap up letter. Easy to understand and follow?

·       Specific observations – review (good and/or bad) of nonprofit (30 points)

·       Identify any areas of improvement and why (40 points)

o   programs offered/ website/ events/ employees/ volunteers/ donations/ mission

·       Specific direction or advice to overcome area for improvement. You may also include in this section any general ideas you have for the nonprofit (50 points)