Evaluate major theories of motivation

Evaluate major theories of motivation

Assignment                     8


Begin Final Paper:

The Final Paper  presents an opportunity for you to demonstrate your ability to apply  the concepts covered throughout the course. You are encouraged to  utilize the Internet and the University Virtual Library to access  current literature and information to enhance your analysis for this  project. This paper should be between 10-15 pages, typed, double-spaced, in APA style, and written at graduate level English. A minimum of 10 references must be used.

Application and APA referencing of the course text is required.

In  this Final Paper you are to address current trends, ethics and/or  events related to the course concepts of industrial and organizational  psychology. Evaluate major theories of motivation and how  leaders in organizations influence groups and individuals to increase  workplace productivity.


Muchinsky, P. M.   (2016).   Psychology applied to work (with study guide).   (11th ed).   Belmont, CA   Hypergraphic Press.     ISBN 9780974934501