English Homework

English Homework

You should have a minimum word count of 150 for each paragraph.  



Chapter 10:  Designing Clear Visuals & Chapter 11:  Designing Successful Documents & Websites: How do you think you might use document design in your future career?  Why do you think good document design is important?   Explain in detail how a good or bad document design might affect you in your future career, the workplace, or others who might view your documents?  


Chapters 13, 14, & 15:  Reports and Proposals

First, speculate about what kind of reports and/or proposals you might have to do in your dream job. List your major, describe the report you might use, what would you include in the body of your document, and tell what you could do to make your report/proposal more effective. Refer specifically to a report and at least one chapter in the text.


Chapter 16:  Making Successful Presentations at Work

What are five things that you learned about making successful presentations?  What kinds of presentations do you think that you will use in the workplace?  What criteria will you utilize in your presentations that is listed on page 644 of the text that will make your presentations effective?