English 230 Study Questions on Genesis 1-4

English 230 Study Questions on Genesis 1-4

Study Questions on Genesis 1-4: Due Monday, January 25

1. What questions about life are answered in the passages we read from Genesis? [for example, we learn why there are many different languages rather than just one single language, which would be more convenient.]

2. What are the main attributes of God according to the passages we read from Genesis?—what can we say about what He is like as a character? [for example, we learn that he can reconsider things he has done.]

3. What information do you wish you had that is left out of Genesis? [for example, What did the serpent have against us? How did we manage to avoid incest during the first few generations? What was wrong with Cain’s offering? Where did the people Cain was afraid would kill him come from?]

4. If you had been God, what is one thing you might have done differently? [See if you can get comfortable with this idea]