Employment Project:  Research Description

Employment Project:  Research Description

Employment Project:  Research Description


If you plan to graduate within a year, you are looking for a professional job.  All others will look for an internship related to your field.  Search for a job ad relevant to your field/qualifications.  Make sure that the ad provides you with sufficient information about the ideal candidate for the company or organization. A primary objective of this assignment is to tailor your employment package to the specific needs of the employer.  If your ad does not give you sufficient information about your potential employer’s needs, select another job ad.  You will select only one company for this assignment.



·       At least 3 pages double-spaced in a 12-point font, not more than four pages

·       Free of grammatical errors

·       Use complete sentences, no lists

·       Half of the paper should be about the company and the other half should be about you


Rhetorical Analysis of a Job Ad:

·       What is the company and what are they known for?

·       What do you know about the company?

·       What does the company value?

·       What is the company’s expertise?

·       How does the company craft goodwill?

·       What is the public’s perception of the company’s reputation?

·       How would you characterize the company’s professional culture?

·       What kind of professionals does the company typically hire?

·       What do you know about the company’s history?

  • Does the company offer any positions that you might be interested in?
  • Include skills your prospective employer is seeking.


Take Inventory of Your Skills:

What makes you a desirable candidate for your prospective job?

·       List your major and degree expected.

·       Describe your research interests based on previous study or work experience.

·       Include skills that you could offer the company right now, not what you hope to learn/gain.

·       What have you done that would make you an asset to the company (leadership, soft or hard skills, volunteer work, languages, academics, certifications, or anything else that you have that other candidates may not have)?

·       What are your personal interests & qualities?

·       What  are your short-term & long-term career goals?


Note:  Do not copy directly from a company website.  Use your own words.