EI Self-Development Plan Five

EI Self-Development Plan Five







EI Self-Development Plan Five

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School of Health Science, University of South Dakota

HSC 460 Leading Change

Instructor:  Becky Wolff, RN, MSN, MA

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REMOVE all red INSTRUCTIONS before submitting this work.  Please fill in the following template with information specific to the results of your worksheets you were assigned to complete from your workbook.

FORMAT:  All writing should be double-spaced with 11-12 font using Times New Roman in WORD® format. This paper is to be written following APA 7th edition format.

LENGTH:  Your content should be at approximately 2-3 pages in total.

REFERENCES:  Please have a separate reference page.   Since this is a senior level college class there is an expectation that a student will explore additional scholarly resources to help broaden their knowledge of the topics of the course.  Please add one scholarly source as a reference in addition to the course textbooks.


Template for the body of the paper is as follows: (remove all red ink instructions before submitting your final assignment).



For this assignment identify an organization or employment situation you are familiar with and have been in a leadership role.  Describe the organization or employment situation by identifying the symbolic elements, role elements, interactive elements, and context elements.  Use the definitions for each of those elements from the EI Student Workbook pages 215-216.  This should be a minimum of two 5-sentence paragraphs.


Analyzing the Group (capacity of Consciousness of context):

Address four of the eight questions in the text EI Leadership: A Guide for Students page 221 based on the organization or employment situation described under context.  This should be a minimum of one 5 sentence paragraph for each question.


Assessing the Environment (capacity of Consciousness of context):

Answer the following about a meeting at work or an event of an organization. (leave the numbering)

1.     Describe how its activities and mission are consistent with its purpose.

2.     Describe how it interacts with the needs and interests of its members.

3.     Describe if it is seen as a benefit or a detriment to the community of its members

Unwritten Rules: 

Describe a time when you were part of a group and discovered unwritten rules for that group.  Identify these rules and how they impacted you. This should be a minimum of one 5 sentence paragraph.




Embracing Uncertainty:

Watch the two videos in the course content of consciousness of context:  Bluto’s Big Speech and Braveheart – William Wallace’s speech.

Contrast and compare the two styles of leadership exemplified in the videos in a minimum of two 5-sentence paragraphs.


































According to APA 7th edition formatting References need to be on a separate page.  You are required to reference your assignment per APA guidelines using at least 1 reference IN ADDITION to the course textbooks and materials.  Your submission will automatically be submitted to TURNITIN. 



Alphabetize all references.  Be sure to follow APA 7th edition format.  Double space each entry.

              Indent the second line.  Include a doi # if there is one; if not include the url link to the     

              HOME page of the journal.