EDUC 200 Final Exam

EDUC 200 Final Exam

EDUC 200 Spartans:


Below is the Final Exam and your last assignment for your Foundations class this semester. 

I encourage you to put some extra thought into each question, review your study guides (lecture handouts/notes) and answer the five questions completely with support for your answer for you to receive full credit.  


I know you will do great!


Professor Cloutier



Final Exam (Due by Thursday, May 6, 2021, 5:00 P.M. EST)  


1)      Using a teacher that you have had, define three (3) professional characteristics and three (3) personal characteristics that you considered effective and explain how those characteristics contributed to making that person a quality teacher.  (50 points)


2)      Define the four (4) types of schools in America and give two characteristics of each type of school.  (50 points)


3)      What are the eight major responsibilities of teachers and site two examples for each responsibility.  In your view, explain what you think is the most difficult responsibility for a beginning teacher. (50 points)


4)      “America’s biggest public education challenge today may be the persistent and dramatic achievement gap between black students and white students.  If we could close that gap and truly equalize educational achievement between the races, most of our other socioeconomic debates would just go away.” Document with your explanation five (5) methods you would select to help solve this dilemma. (50 points)




5)      Describe the grade you feel you earned in EDUC 200 this semester and support your          rationale   You should consider attendance, independent work, engagement in class         course preparation, respect of due dates and communication.